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Hotone Chromatic Tuner

There are a bunch of tuners out there, and everybody's looking for the same basic things: fast response,accurate calibration, and a big and easily visible screen. Check, check, check.

With so many tuners on the market, why would we even think to make one of our own? Because we madethe Hotone Skyline Tuner to be better and offer way more.

It's smaller (you wouldn't waste precious space on your pedalboard with a tuner), faster(the fastest, actually), more refined, more durable, with a clearer and brighter screen, and you can adjustthe tuning volume. That means you can use it as a mute or clean boost too! The fact is, this tuner's volume boost sounds a lot better than most of the boost pedals out there.

Like our other pedals, the footswitch is true bypass, keeping the tone pure.

Why you need it: This tuner does it all and doesn't take up space. You only need one tuner, and this is the one.

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