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Casio CTX3000 61-key Portable Keyboard

A high-grade model capable of anything from creating advance musical works to street performances  

  •  AiX Sound Source
  •  61 full-size touch-responsive keys
  •  800 Tones 235 Rhythms (all editable)
  •  Bright, backlit LCD display
  •  1/4" headphone out 1/8" audio input
  •  17 track sequencer, phrase pads, and arpeggiator
  •  Powerful 12-watt stereo speaker system
  •  Expression pedal input
  •  Class-compliant USB-MIDI plus USB device port
  •  Includes AC adapter (or 6xD batteries, sold separately)
  •  Includes tablet-ready music rest
  •  An arsenal of DSP effects including amp models, rotary speaker simulation, and more


What truly sets the CT–X3000 apart from other portable keyboards is its heart: The powerful AiX Sound Source. This technology makes the CT–X3000 sound like a keyboard costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more.

  Play a grand piano, and hear a meticulously-recorded 9-foot grand in a virtual concert hall. Play an electric piano, and hear vintage phasers and amplifier models that take you back in time. Play a flute, trumpet, or saxophone, and hear natural breath and vibrato. Play a bass, and hear the player switch techniques based on how hard you press the keys. Play a synth, and add an arpeggiator and drum part, and create an EDM hit.


The list goes on. Use the Category button to explore the 800 Tones, and in each category you’ll find an incredible variety of lifelike instruments that go far beyond your expectations. You can also edit the Tones, adjusting parameters like attack, release, filter cutoff and resonance.

  The CT-X3000 has 100 powerful DSP effects, including phasers, flangers, rotary speaker simulation, dynamics processing, and much more. These effects are preset for the included Tones, and can be extensively modified so you can dial in the perfect sound.


The CT-X3000's convenient performance features keep you in control. Once you've set up the CT-X3000 with your choice of Tones, Rhythms and other settings, you can save a Registration for instant recall right when you need it. There are eight convenient Registration buttons, with 16 banks giving you a total of 128 Registrations that can be quickly selected during your performance. Four Phrase Pads give you instant access to musical gestures, percussion loops, sound effects, or whatever else you need in the moment.

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